USF Annual General Assembly (Saturday 18 March 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

Find attached a Notice of the USF Annual General Assembly due on Saturday 18 March 2017 at the UOC Secretariat, Lugogo.

The following are available for download below -

(1) The USF 2017 Election Guidelines;
(2) The USF 2017 Elections Nomination Form
(3) A full List of all USF Registered Members as at 31 Dec 2016
(4) A list of USF Members in Good Standing at at 6 February 2017
(4) The USF Revised Constitution
(5) The National Council of Sports Regulations 2014.

The rest of the documents will be forwarded to Members in Good Standing in due course.

This is to request you to receive the Notice and attached accompanying documents, and to -

(1) Nominate 2 Delegates (voting and non-voting) by the date indicated;

(2) Study the Election Guidelines, in case of those interested in elective positions on the USF Executive, and to fill out the Nomination Form according to the attached Guidelines.

This is to remind those Members including their respective Athletes and Coaches not yet paid up for 2017 and arrears for previous years to settle your dues urgently.

Please CONFIRM receipt of this correspondence soonest.

Moses B. Mwase
Secretary General

Consultative Meeting on USF Annual General Assembly Issues on 23 Feb 2017
NCS Regulations 2014
Notice of USF Elective Annual Gen Assembly of 18 March 2017
USF 2017 Elections - Nomination Form (REVISED)
USF Election Guidelines 2017 (REVISED)
USF Members in Good Standing - As of 6 Feb 2017
USF Members Reg Numbers
USF Revised Constitution - Effective 1 January 2015 (FINA Approved)