USF Annual General Assembly - 18 March 2017 at the UOC

Dear Colleagues,

Find attached a Summary of some of the Questions that some members have sought clarification on, which we have provided for. For the benefit of everyone, we are circulating the Clarifications to enable Candidates have a better understanding of the Guidelines.

Please note the Revised Election Time Table that gives Candidates more time to return Nomination Forms as contained in the attached Guidelines. The New Deadline is Saturday 4 March 2017 by 5 pm.

All USF Members Clubs/Schools/Universities are reminded to settle arrears for Affiliation/Athletes/Coaches Fees for previous Years and also 2017, which should be paid by Monday 6 March 2017. This has has been clarified in the Notice, also attached.

You are also reminded to confirm the names of both the Voting and Non-Voting Delegate not later than Monday 6 March 2017, who are the authorized representatives of Members at the Assembly.

The USF Administrator, Ms. Doreen Nambi will be available at the UOC Offices and on phone should you want her to advice.

Comments & Clarifications on USF 2017 Elections Guidelines
Notice of USF Elective Annual Gen Assembly of 18 March 2017
USF 2017 Elections - Nomination Form (REVISED)
USF Election Guidelines 2017 (Revised 28 Feb 2017)