New Athletes Committee elected - Saturday 24th February 2018

The USF conducted it's first Athletes Committee Elections on Saturday 24th February 2018.

The USF is required to have in place a USF Athletes' Committee comprised of 10 athletes (2 nominated by USF Excomm and 8 elected) .

The following were elected to the Committee:

Ms. Avice Meya (Chairperson), Silverfin.
Mr. Isma Serunjogi(Secretary), Supra
Mr. Peter Mbabazi, Member, Seals
Mr. Ronald Daisuke,Member ,Makerere
Ms. Rachel Galinda, Member, Altona
Mr. Alvin Emitu, Member, Silverfin
Mr. Benon Wamala, Member, Kampala Acqutic.
Ms. Joel Mayengo, Member, (Gliders /Seeta)
Ms. Ahebwa Bwambale, Member, UCU Mukono