Dear Colleagues,

This is to thank you for turning up for the USF Consultative Dialogue held on Saturday 1 October 2016 at UOC which was a very enriching discussion on USF activities, particularly the new Draft USF Rules & Regulations.

As agreed at the meeting, this is to send you a Soft Copy of the Rules & Regulations [See downloads below] for you to send us your comments by 30 October 2016. Please ensure that you send either a write up, or tracked changes, or both to make it easy for us to follow your comments/proposals.

We will continue reviewing the Rules & Regulations and should send through a refined Draft by Friday 14 October 2016, which will be posted here.

Download also the Minutes of the Meeting especially for our colleagues who missed the meeting to note what transpired.

This is also to request all USF Members Clubs/Schools/Universities to submit your Work Plan/Activities calendars for 2017 to enable us compile the first draft USF Activities Calendar for 2016 that we hope to share with you in November 2016.


We wish to use this opportunity to remind all School/University Coaches to turn up for the Team Managers' Meeting due Thursday 6 October 2016 at UOC starting at 5.30 pm. Please note that attendance is compulsory and those who miss will be asked to withdraw their teams from the 15th USF-Excel National Swimming Gala due from 8-9 October 2016 at Kampala Parents School.


Rules and Regulations [WORD]
Rules and Regulations [PDF]
/Minutes of USF Consultative Dialogues (1st Oct 2016)